A viewport adventure

When we made up our minds to go for a brand name-logo-style change, i took my part as frontend developer and created our landing page from scratch. By means of that I’ve committed myself to this task, and tried not to copy another’s work. Which led us a serious mistake that im going to mention.

You know viewport meta tags ables your code to render as screen size changes, but it didn’t happen that way in our case. I mistyped the tag while trying to be perfectionist, and when we face the incompatibility between mozilla and chrome, i just ignored that and blamed Mozilla for rendering incorrectly. My Nexus phone was my reference point. And seriously, who uses Mozilla firefox on their smartphones anyway!

Partnership with Etohum

Starting from January 2016, we’re partners with Etohum, one of the largest incubator and accelerator in Turkey. This is a great opportunity for us to improve and scale our business. We’ll be telling more following weeks, stay tuned.


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Simenty Website Turkish Language Support


Starting from the first lights of November 1, our official website will be available in Turkish to its visitors. Main reason behind this support is our local customers and their needs. Simenty serves more than 100 active website owners from Turkey and this number keeps increasing every day. Our goal is to have more than 1k users in 3 months of time period while making our engine better and better. You can count on us.

Geleceğin Patronları Contest

gelecegin patronlari image

As Simenty, we are glad to announce that we’ve elected from 829 startups and placed in last 20 semi-finalists at Geleceğin Patronları startup contest. This success makes us believe what we can achieve and what we are capable of doing.   Finalists will be announced on 31 of October.

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

StartupIstanbul 3rd day reached

As Simenty, we presented our startup on the 3rd day of StartupIstanbul event. We got interesting and helpful feedbacks from some other startups and offers from few investors and accelerators. It was a priceless experience to be among those people and we are proud of great networks that we created in these days.

We’ll also be happy to hear from you. Keep on track!

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Simenty Engine Public Beta

We are happy to announce that after months of planning, researching, arguing over design choices, drinking redbull, and pulling off all-nighters, that the Simenty Engine Public Beta is ready!

We were initially planning on releasing it earlier, but with all the preparation for Startup Istanbul and some further discussion, we’ve decided to enhance the engine with new features and improvements including:

  • Backward compatibility with older browsers *cough* internet explorer *cough*
  • A mobile optimized responsive website
  • Automatic navbar generation
  • Implementation of some more efficient JavaScript algorithms
  • And the usual minor bug fixes and improvements

More improvements soon, stay with us!