Make your website responsive in a click.

Simenty automatically optimizes your website for mobile devices by providing your website with a full, user friendly responsive designed mobile version.


Umut Özçıngırak - Hepsimedikal

"Simenty ile mobile geçtikten sonra mobil gelirlerimi iki haftada 10 bin TL artırdım."

How it works?

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Tell Us Your Website

The Engine downloads your website's stylesheet to one of our servers.

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Then the Magic Happens

The Engine generates mobile specific code using our intuitive algorithms and appends it to your website's stylesheet without changing oor overriding any of your original code.

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Review and Customize

When the Engine finishes, you can preview and customize how your website will look on a variety of mobile devices.

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Pay & Play

If you like what you see, then all you have to do is pay, copy the script code that is only one line, and upload it to your server.


Stable Non Destructive

Our engine generates stable non conflicting code that does not overwrite or affect your original code.

Dynamic and Adaptive

Our engine makes your website dynamic, while managing all the media queries and viewports for you, allowing your website to adapt to any environment it's viewed in.

Fast and Furious

Our engine processes your website and generates code at a significantly high speed.

Full Customizability

Our code is fully editable and customizable to your specific tastes and needs.

No Credentials Needed

We don't need any of your server or administration passwords and credentials.

Easy to Use

Tell us your website, preview the generated code, pay, and copy paste the generated single line code.

Begin the process now!

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